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A few friends shared this with me recently, thinking it would resonate. Have you seen this kid from Los Angeles running his own business? He shows that steadfast commitment and positivity allows a dream to be realized. With the support of his loved ones and a director/editor, his story has been shared across the world. And now, the Advertising world has its eyes set on him. 

Malkovich, Malkovich, (Apple iPhone 4s), Malkovich

i don’t know what woman doesn’t have a thing for John Malkovich. i take that back. i don’t know a woman who does. i’ve never asked my female friends if they have a thing for John Malkovich. but i feel like it’s just assumed we all do. i never wall papered him on my walls, or mentioned him in celebrity MASH, or giggled about him with girlfriends.  but i have an odd, secret attraction to the man. he’s got this ascertive way of talking that makes you want to do whatever he says (or have him tell you to do whatever he says).

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How much is too far? Recently, Pop Chips launched an ad campaign that spoofed off dating web sites with 4 sets of different characters including Raj, a Bollywood producer.

Offensive to the Indian American community, the web commercials were quickly taken down. Was it conceived just in good fun? Or, what implications are attached to this portrayal of the “model minority”? Is it that this community just takes it and allows the masses to believe this is how they are? What exactly is going on? It’s amazing how much power the media has, but how can we use it to reject these stereotypes? How do we find the right balance? 

Newsweek’s Mad Men issue meets the 60s

As two business women, it’s interesting to see how advertising has evolved. Check out this article about this week’s Newsweek featuring ads from Spam, Geico, etc. as a blast from the past! 


SUPER BOWL SUNDAY! The biggest day for American sports fans! Also, the biggest day for advertisers, marketers and media extraordinaires! 

Before I go on, I’ll give a special shout out to Ms. Brown (the newest M&M’s personality - she’s one sexy nerd!).

Now. I love this commercial I posted. I really thought it was fun, and I love the dog. But, where did the whole Star Wars sequence come from? (Yes, I get it, the Dog Strikes Back). Feel free to comment. But, still, I thought it was random and didn’t get the joke. I’m empathetic though. It’s tough nixing something you thought was really good in your head and you really, really, in the bottom of your heart, think it will work. But, it just doesn’t. Sometimes it happens, and sometimes it doesn’t. I guess we can’t predict the outcome, even with all the market research analytics out there. 

Regardless of my opinion, after I did a quick Google search, looks like it’s getting attention!